Islamabad: 02-10-2017


Minorities Will Not Enjoy The Right of Vote To Elect Their Representatives.

Minorities will not Exercise the Right of Vote to Elect their Representatives in coming Elections. The Election Commission of Pakistan has turned a blind eye towards the demand of full suffrage by the Christian Community. The latest election reforms by PMLN Government have not taken into consideration the reservations of Christian Organizations to have a right of direct vote. Consequently the major political parties will handpick their favourites as the representatives of Minorities. It is seen several times that these selected people are failed to prove themselves as the leader of their communities and they are rejected publically by their own people. APCL has always voiced its concerns and have been very vocal regarding the injustice of not letting the minorities elect their own representatives through direct vote. Therefore APCL outrightly reject these reforms and demand that the basic right to vote and choose from their own independant will be granted by the Government of Pakistan.