Rawalpindi: 18-04-2017

Another Innocent Victim of Blasphemy Laws.

Another case of insanity and barbarism in the land of extremism and hostility where this time the naked sword of blasphemy has quenched the Mashal (meaning light in Urdu) of young Mashal Khan student of mass communication at AWKU in Mardan,KP. The gut wrenching incident took place on 13th April, when the students of the same university lynched him to death under the garb of blasphemy law.
Absence of civilization, misleading laws, negligence of government and manipulated religious values and scriptures has left none of us from a risk of falling prey to the most discussed “Blasphemy Law” where Muslims and Non-Muslims alike have been killed, tortured and imprisoned just because of personal enmity, hatred, false beliefs and values. Today the weeping family of innocent Mashal Khan is facing the misery and wretchedness due to height of absurdity and intolerant society.
These applesauce accusations have taken the lives of many who have not committed anything against the law and the judgment passed on 19th June, 2014 by Supreme Court of Pakistan seem to be taken not seriously regarding protection of all citizens who want to propagate and observe their faith, values and beliefs. The judgment passed by the Honorable Court also talked about the state setting up a task force to look into minority affairs, to design appropriate curricula where the religious beliefs of others are not ridiculed, which propagates tolerance in the society, discourage hate speech, and even suggested the formation of specially-trained police force to deal with instances of attacks on minorities.
The dreams and hopes of Mashal Khan and joy of togetherness in family is gone forever now. The culprits may be punished for their brutality but nobody will ever be able to fill the space of dead son and the memories of his agony and helplessness will always bring tears to all who at least have respect for humanity and civilized society. This is a high time when government needs to cater this problem before more of our families lose their loved ones.