From Nawaz Masih ( Martyr ) To Nawaz Salamat
The Almighty in the fulfillment of His Eternal Purposes has provided a heaven and refuse for the suppressed and crushed minorities and especially Christians of Pakistan. We are grateful to Him. We are completely loyal, faithful and patriotic citizens.The history of Pakistan Provides a rare but a glorious example of unflinching support and untarnished record of sacrificial and constructive contributions to Consolidation,Defence,Education,Health,Judiciary,Agriculture,Social Fabric and Development of the motherland by the Christians of the Pakistani pen it down with the great Pride that the Christians are far ahead of the Muslims in Patriotism because we have not created and generated evil a single traitor or terrorist until now.I am proud that my Father has struggled hard as a solider of the Cross and even today he is in action.The sad polite of the Christians of Rawalpindi In 1972 is a landmark in the history of Christians of Pakistan. A well thought and well organized movement was launched by the Christians to voice the feelings of the voiceless Christians against the nationalisation of christian institutions . Unfortunately a very peaceful procession of the Christian men and women was fired at near Punjab House Rawalpindi. Two Christian leaders R.M.James and Nawaz Masih were murdered by the Punjab Police under the instructions of Bhutto and Nusrat Bhutto.70 Persons were seriously Injured and 3thousand of them were sent Behind the bars to crush and control this historic movement. My father Played Leading role in this Movement and perhaps he is the man who suffered most. The Positive result of this movement was that the Christians who were deprived of their representation In the Assemblies since 1958 earned representation from local bodies to National Assembly with their Blood and sacrifice. At this critical Juncture my father Prof Salamat Akhtar Promised to God that he was blessed with sons we would Christian them James And Nawaz to follow the footprints of these Great Martyr’s to materialize their Dreams.In 1975 he was blessed with a son. He Christened him James and then in 1980 when I was born my father named me as Nawaz to fulfill his commitment and promise. It is a sad story that the Christians in Pakistan are still deprived of the constitutional rights.All the International and National Pacts to protect the minorities and especially the Christians are vague and of no use because no Government in Pakistan has Thought of welfare of the minorities.The great sacrifices of the Christian Martyr’s such as Awani Bishop John Joseph and Shahbaz Bhatti have proved fruitless.It is high time for the Christians to come forward with a commitment and unite under one banner to Infuse a new spirit in the Dead bodies of Christians of Pakistan.I know the perils of Leadership I am not afraid of them however I appeal to the Christian Youth to come forward at our platform to take a new start and to bring a new Revolution.I would love to inform my dear friends that God has given me a vision to play my role and I am sure that if we are united we can make a miracle.We should remember that union is strength and United we rise and divided we fall..