I am most grateful to all the members of All Pakistan Christian League for the signal honor, they have conferred on me by selecting me as their Chairman. Before I pen down my genuine message, it seen plausible to write down a few lines about my personal life and substantial services.

EARLY LIFE AND EDUCATION:- I was born on Dec !8th ,1940 in Dhamthal Distt Sialkot in a respectable Christian Family with military background. My grandfather was a pensioner of the First World War and my father received pension for his meritorious services in the Second World War. I obtained my Primary education from Lower Middle School Dhamthal, Matriculated from C.T.I High School Sialkot, Graduated with Honors From Gordon College Rawalpindi, and Post Graduation that is M.A (ENG) and M.A (Hist) from University of the Punjab (Pakistan).

ACADEMIC CAREER:- I have the honor to serve Pakistan for full 48yrs.I imparted Education to the Youth of Pakistan and built their character at Rang Mahal Christian High School Lahore, Gordon College Rawalpindi, Govt. College Jhang, Govt. Sir Syed Degree College Gujrat, Govt. Degree College kahuta and F.C College (A Chartered University ) Lahore.
 I am very proud of my Products serving Pakistan in various fields of national life.

A WORKER OF PAKISTAN MOVEMENT:- I feel a sense of pride in telling the world that I am a humble and Potential worker of Pakistan Movement. I led the Parade with Wooden Guns at Lower Middle School Dhamthal raising Slogans (LE KE RAHIEN GE PAKISTAN) PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.I participated in Sikh Christian War at Dhamthal on Pakistan Issue. I supported my real uncle Sadiq Masih in caring the wounded Muslims, Hindu’s and Sikh’s. We kept a Muslim Khawaja Family for 6 months at our home. I am a living witness of the Casting Vote of the Christian Leaders in favour of Pakistan, in Punjab Assembly on June 23th 1947.

RELIGIOUS ACHIEVEMENTS:- Every Christian is a Socio Religious worker by birth. My parents and my teachers infused in me the love for Religion. I am a staunch Christian and I live for my religion and love to die for my religion. That is why, when in 1972 Awami Regime confiscated property of the Church housing nationalized schools and colleges and followed the genocidal policy towards the Christians I couldn’t bear it. I filled a case tittled Prof. .Salamat Akhtar Vs Govt. of The Punjab in the Court and supported the Church leaders who dragged the Government into the Court. We labored hard for decades and with the Blessing of the Lord we have defeated Govt. of the Punjab and the property of the Church is in the hands of the owners of Educational Institutions.

POLITICAL ACHIEVEMENTS:- I participated in a procession in 1956 against the forces that attacked Egypt on Suez Issue as a First Year Student of Gordon College Rawalpindi, Staged Hunger Strike infront of Russian Embassy Islamabad against Indo-Russian Pact in 1971.As a true Democrat I faced all the Dictators in Pakistan including the Awani Martial Administrator, Earned the Representation for Minorities from Local bodies to National Assembly in 1972 with the Sacrifices of Christians of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and especially with the blood of R.M James and Nawaz Maish Shaheed. I organized functions at National Level for the Denationalization of Christian Schools and Colleges. With the Support of Ex.Minister Col.(Rtd) S. k Tressler we got 5%Quota in Police Recruitment and as an active member of the team of Awani Bishop John Joseph. participated actively in the Movement against the Discriminatory and Blasphemy Laws (295 B,C).Moreover At National and International Level in various Seminars and Conferences I have voiced the feelings of the voiceless Christians of Pakistan such as the students, women, farmers, Lawyers, players, doctors, journalist, the Residents of Kachi Abadies and the Crushed laborers living in Inhuman atmosphere.

PAINS AND PERILS:- It is crystal clear that one who fights, he suffers. I also faced a lot of pains and perils in my political career. In 1970 when I contested polls from pp93 Sheikhupura 6 I received horrible threats from my opponents and especially Bashir Ahmed Maan of Narangmandi but my Lord saved me with his Right Hand. On August 30,1972 dozens of false and frivolous cases Under Section pc302,307,148,149,332,333,335,353,188,440,365,and 13/20/65 were registered against me and others by the Distt Administration Rawalpindi. In December 1972, once again a number of fabricated and fictitious cases were registered against me and Prof Stephen in connection with (Bangladesh Na-manzoor Movement). We were kept behind the bars for 10days.Since I loved my community and I fought bravely for their rights so I was transferred from Gordon College to a faraway place in Jhang. The Water and Electricity Connections of my house were disconnected and my salaries were stopped. During the reign of Mian Nawaz Sharif I wrote an open letter to Mian Mohammad Rafiq Taraar The President of Pakistan and Mian Nawaz Sharif The Prime Ministor of Pakistan for a dialogue on Quaid’s Pakistan and Implementation of Sharia Law in Pakistan. I received serious threats from the authorities of dire consequences. In August 1995 various Christian Organizations organized a huge Rally in Islamabad infront of The Parliament. The cases Under Section 153/A and 16/MPO were registered against me and 6 others. Cecil Chaudhary, Dr Father Bonne Mendus, Frank John, Mr Dogger and Shakeela Hakim Din and many more are living witness of this sad incident. In May, 1998 the Awami Bishop John Joseph sacrificed his life for his community in Sahiwal.The Christians of Pakistan protested against the Blasphemy Laws from Karachi to Khyber. The Christian of Rawalpindi also organized a huge Public Meeting in St.Treasa High School Rawalpindi. .It was attended by thousands of Christians. .Rt. Rev Bishop Anthony Lobbo, Rev Fateh Mohammad Good, Professor Salamat Akhtar and others addressed this gathering. They also prayed for Bishop John Joseph, Pakistan and the repeal of Blasphemy Laws. Shahid Khursheed kanwar, the Area Magistrate registered cases against 73 Innocent Christians Including myself vide F.I.R 226 dated 15-05-98 Under Sections 149,188,147,186,187..Prior to it, the Distt. Administration Rawalpindi had registered false cases against myself and others vide F.I.R 171 Dated 11-05-98 Under Section 188,341 and Under Section3/4 Amplifier Act in Police Station Newtown Rawalpindi to avoid any demonstration. from Christian community. Malik Sher Alam Advocate helped us in 1972 and Gabriel Francis Khan advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan advocated my cases free of cost in 1998.

LITERARY SERVICES:- My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has blessed me with the power of the pen. My book “Tahreek-E-Pakistan Ke Ghumnaam Kirdaar” Published by Christian Study Centre Rawalpindi at the time of Golden Jublee of Pakistan in 1997 is appreciated at National and International level. Dr Aslam Syed, Chairman Department of History Quaid-E-Azam University declared it a reference book for M.A History and MSc Pakistan studies Two of my books entitled “LAHOO KI MASHLIAN”, “TAHREEK-E-PAKISTAN KA AIK SAYYA BAAB” and “The Loyal Christians of Pakistan” are in the press. A number of student at various universities are quoting it as references in their thesis of M Phil and PHD. My articles on a Varity of subjects are published in National and Global Press. I have edited a number of Magazines and even today I am editing 2 magazines of Lahore.

GOLD MEDALS AND AWARDS:- My community and the Muslim friends so loved me that they honored me with Gold Medals, Shields and awards for my social, educational and political services. gold Medals were bestowed on me by St. Anthony Welfare Youth Group Rawalpindi, Democratic Journalists Association Islamabad, Tajjali Media Foundation Lahore, The Sawan International Lahore. All Pakistan Christian Guild conferred on me Joshua Fazzul-Ud-Din Literary Award. Shields and awards were awarded to me by Pakistan Christian Arts Council Rawalpindi, Christian Talent Forum Rawalpindi, Pakistan Christian Citizen Forum Islamabad, Christian Services Foundation Rawalpindi, The Weekly Tajdeed Rawalpindi, and the Humsukhan International London. The Punjabi University Patiala India, The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Sardar Atique Ahmed Khan and Dr Peter .H. Armacost (Rector F.C College “A Chartered University Lahore”) also honored with Special Shields.

  Since no Christian Political Party has ever made a miracle in the field of Politics since the inception of Pakistan and All the Christian Political Parties have proved “His Master’s Voice” and their leaders have ruined the Christian leadership, therefore we, with the consultation of our well wishers at National and International Level have Launched

with the commitment, devotion and dedication. Our Agenda is the Stability and Security of Pakistan, Unity among the Various Communities of Pakistan, Especially Unity Among the Christians of Motherland, Alround development of Christian people, Education for All, Integrity of Women and especially Christian women, Training and welfare of Christian Youth, Search for youth leadership, Prosperity of Christian Farmers, Welfare of Christian labor, Shelter to Shelterless Christians, Increase in seats from Local Bodies to Senate, Accurate census of Christians ¼ share in Federal as well as Provincial Services According to the Share of National Flag,1/4th share in Central and Provincial Cabinets, access to the Keyposts and the right of Double Vote bestowed on the Muslims by the English In Minto Marleys Reforms of 1909. We are looking for the young, energetic, experienced and unblemished leadership. I as a Chairman of All Pakistan Christian League Invite all the Christians from Various Fields of life to Come forward, Join us, guide us, lead us and Strengthen Our hands and to fight and protect the rights of Christian Community. I shall conclude this message with the words that.

Not gold but only men can make
A People Great and Strong.
Men Who for Truth and Honors Sake
Stand Fast and Suffer Long.

NOTE:- We shall welcome other Minorities and our Muslim friends from the core of our Hearts to join us as Associate Members for Peace, Prosperity and Justice In Pakistan.

                                                                                    Sincerely Yours,

                                                                            Prof. Salamat Akhtar
                                                                      All Pakistan Christian League

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